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July 18, 2005 by Joe Blogref
As I read the replies that other bloggers had about death and dying, it occured to me that I've been in the middle of a death tornado since I was 14. I know a lot about how people die, what kills them (no, it isn't me), and how the remaining living cope with it. Right now, I'm under the influence of a healthy dose of Lortab, because I had a headache that threatened to blow the top of my head off. All this was brought on by my sister, a stage 4 cancer patient who seems to pride herself on bei...
January 7, 2004 by Joe Blogref
This blogging stuff is new to me, so maybe I'm a "newbie" who hasn't gone thru all the ropes yet. Anyway, it seems to me that people can write their life story on a blog and post it without their moms, little sisters or anyone else peeking into their dressers and finding it. Trouble is, the ones who DO find it can be more destructive to the psyche than any family member because they're analyzing it from an impersonal perspective and can only be objective. Hurling your opinion at someone you've...
January 6, 2004 by Joe Blogref
I couldn't believe it. I typed in my last name in Google just for kicks and saw all these references to "blogs" which I admittedly hardly understand. Then, I get to a website called " - blogs from the average joe" and I KNEW I had to join. Blog is a term the Aussies use to describe a regular guy - just another "Joe Blow" which I have been called on numerous occasions. I'm just wondering: who came up with this name?